An ageing man looks up to the stars.
He wonders to himself, "are they still within reach?"

So Just What Is 'The Valentine Watch'?

On the outer reaches of the Royal Channel, far from the Mainland, the island of Valentine has seen its vast fortunes decline. While the boom of the industrial revolution propelled many of the nation's cities into new-found wealth, this great force of change drained the island of its prosperity. The young and able left long ago, seeking greater opportunities overseas. As conditions worsen, residents look for someone to blame. Amidst the unrest a great, unfathomable threat remains unseen. But hope is not yet lost... The spirit of Valentine will endure. If the community can band together, a new brighter future shall be forged...


The Valentine Watch is a Social Simulator/Tactical-RPG in which you assume the role of Walter Shallot, the newly-appointed head of the island's constabulary, the 'Valentine Watch'. In this position you are tasked with handling all criminal matters on the island: civil disputes, battery, murder. As the sole arbiter of the law, how these issues are resolved is left to your discretion. However, every action will be scrutinised by doubtful locals. With resentments running high, poor decision-making will only serve to deepen the rifts that are tearing the island apart. Minimising civil unrest will be key to your success. Exploring the island, taking your time to understand each inhabitant's unique persepective will be paramount in performing this delicate balancing act.

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Walter Shallot Bill Hereford Adam Morris Garrick McDougle

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